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Where Stories Come to Life...

About our Classes

Carefully designed using age-appropriate props and materials, each of our classes are based upon a range of childrens' stories which we use as an opportunity for our students to discover English organically and spontaneously. But the fun really begins as we take the page out of the book by interpreting the events of the stories and transform them into yoga sequences, dance routines and pieces of art. 

In our classes, students gain a deeper understanding of the stories, learn to express themselves through movement and art and enhance their English skills in a fun space without inhibitions.

About Classes

What We Offer


teachers and

native-level English


Classes available

to children

ages 4-10

Maximum group size of 10 students to ensure low teacher-student ratio

Parents welcome to participate if they wish


Yoga in English

Dance & Creative Movement in English

Arts and Crafts in English

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